That SciFi Guy (feat. The Rap Critic) – Wild Wild West

“You know what this western action movie needs? More giant robot spiders!”

That SciFi Guy and The Rap Critic take on Wild Wild West!


Another good review.

If I may suggest a movie that would give lots of material: Street Fighter II The Animated Movie. Find yourself the English dub; it's one of those rare rare movies that somehow works on both a "fun, exciting action movie" level (with good animation), and a "horrible B-movie" level. Is it Sci-Fi you ask? Well if their unexplained energy-slinging martial arts wasn't enough… the badguy has hilariously random NON-COMBAT robots for NO REASON. And they call them cyborgs, even though they are clearly robots.

Bonus points for the scene where (in the English dub, anyway) Interpol goes from "We have no idea where their bases are" to "their main base is here" within one paragraph.

Do something more recent! I'm sure you could work up a good rant for "John Carter" (which everyone hated…except me).

This movie was terrible. But it was the *fun* kind of terrible that I can laugh at and enjoy as a guilty pleasure. I do understand, however, why the original Jim West actor, Robert Conrad (awesome actor, btw) called betrayal on this, because it really was. This movie really raped a show that was largely serious in tone, despite being a goofy premise *and* a contemporary of the Adam West Batman TV series. This series really was American James Bond in the Old West, and it was played just about as straight as that basic premise can be played.

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