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Peached - Coming March 5thNew comics are coming! The original series of The Idle State comics has been renamed Peached and will be returning on March 5th with updates every Monday to start.

One of the reasons the original comics had to be redeveloped is that there was just too much going on. I have a lot of different interests, and I wanted TIS to be a place for all of them, even if they didn’t work together! The new offers me an opportunity to explore all of those different subjects without having to squeeze it into a single title.

With Peached, you can expect a return to the kind of character-driven story and humor that has worked well for me in the past. I want to thank you all again for giving the new content a chance, and putting up with this hiatus period. It’s much appreciated!


I really dug the subtler humor you used in the original Idle State, not laugh out loud funny but intellectually entertaining. It was a really interesting counterpoint to the more obvious, occasionally crude (but still damn funny) humor of Treading Ground. I really hope you don't lose that finesse in your rewrite. I truly enjoyed the first few strips, and I look forward to seeing more from you, both within the story of Peached and in your newer endeavors. Also, first.

A monday update? Yay, something I'll have to read on Sunday nights! (Or at least early monday morning.)

Now if only I read a comic which updated on Sundays…

Try “My Life With Fel.” It’s an interesting take on couples, with a genetically altered “tigergirl” and a regular human guy- not physically fit, just average. It now includes a raccoon BBW and a young (maybe teens) bunny girl. It is hilarious at most points, and often makes fun of other things, such as “Friends,” “Chuck Testa,” and others.

"a return to the kind of character-driven story and humor that has worked well for me in the past"…I hope that means lots of nekkid wimmin, just like the good old days!

Let's hope that Peached will be as entertaining as TG. That shouldn't be that hard ; assuming that you've learned from TIS.

Great news! Looking forward to seeing the new strip. Best of luck on the launch and try not to let the nattering nabobs of negativity get under your skin. The hiatus was interesting as it introed me to the SciFi guy and a couple other things on your site.

"…I don't care what the new strip is about…as long as there's nudity" Really? 2D cartoon boobs turn the readership on that much? Nick, You''re apparently a fan favorite of people who never left junior high.

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