Site Update from Nick – New Comics, Site Status, Update Schedule

Status ReportFirst off, did you check out the new comic? If not, it’s currently plastered onto the main page, so I’m sure you’ll see it soon! This is one of a new line of one-shot/theme comics about various topics I’ll be posting here. I hope you enjoy them, and encourage you to spread them around if you do.

The site is coming together, though you may still notice some little things here and there that aren’t quite right. I have, perhaps foolishly, taken on the task of redesigning the entire thing myself. It means that things might be a little glitchy at the start, but if I ever have a problem in the future I won’t have to wait until my web person is available to fix it.

You may have noticed that an official update schedule hasn’t been declared. Now that The Idle State is a content hub rather than a single title, you’re going to see updates from various projects at various times on the main page, as we saw with last week’s That SciFi Guy video. In addition to those, I’m personally committing to getting something of my own up once a week for now as things are still taking shape. This could be a comic as it was today, a video, or something completely different. If you prefer to only keep up with certain projects, we will have separate RSS feeds for each, so feel free to follow those on the Subscribe page!

Lastly, I wanted to give a little more detail on how things are going with the comic series I originally ran as The Idle State. I’m exploring a couple of different options, but at the very least you should know that the series is getting a new name and is being rewritten. Some (perhaps most) of the original art is being used, which makes it seem like the reboot takes place in an alternate universe where things were funnier. As soon as there is news on that series, you’ll hear about it here!


"Something of my own up once a week"? And it might not even be a comic? And if it IS a comic, it might not even be The Idle State, or whatever the hell you're going to call it? Sorry, man, I'm out. I really enjoyed Treading Ground and thought TIS looked promising, but it's just not worth it at this point.

Like I said, I'm still trying to get things together. That's not the permanent schedule, only what will be going on during this launch period.

But yes, there will be changes. I want to do more than just the average webcomic. Sorry if that doesn't appeal.

I read TG all the way through, starting about a year ago, and just now got around to TIS. It looked like all the things I liked about TG and none of the things I could have taken or left. I hope the new version (officially codenamed UTM, thanks to xero, above) has a similar feel to it, but I'm sure it will be amazing no matter what you do with it. Thanks for webcomicking.

Jesus Christ people, stop being so damn ungrateful. Nick doesn’t have to do any of this for you, yet he does it anyway. I came across TG late on yet i enjoyed it as much as the next person.

Nick, take your time and do what you think is right for the comic as long as you want to. Don’t listen to the ungrateful ones. Your work is amazing and cant wait to see who the rebranded TIS will turn out

You're missing the point. Nick can indeed do whatever he wants with his site. If he decides to make it the next famous game review or movie critic site, more power to him. But no one should expect his site to remain in my "favorite web comics" list if he decides to go in another direction.

He's in mine now solely because of TG. TIS has always been a work in progress, but because of his TG work, I was willing to give it a shot. Now I come here less and less (and never see a TG or TIS comic – it's been many months now) and will likely just drop it from my list entirely. The site is certainly evolving, but it's no longer a web comic site.

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