That SciFi Guy – 5/5 Star Trek Characters

Set phasers to “Hurt Feelings” as That SciFi Guy counts down the 5 best and worst Star Trek Characters!


Reed over Worf? Madness, you are a shame for your TNG uniform.
Data was an operations officer but performed all the duties of a science officer.
Ezri was not a science officer but a counselor.
Sisko was a horrible Star Trek captain, a messiah to a bunch of primitives. And Janeway is the worst. Funny, that you complain about Kirk killing Apollo while Apollo has the traits you dislike in Kirk and is far worse.

A good hooker continually adapts to situations and, critically, cannot be destroyed by most particle-based weapon systems. Now THIS hooker ain't adaptin' worth a handful of racht!

Formation and procedure of the success of the individuals is wonderful and vital. It is the enduring and long lasting. It is the end of the life of the discouraged and not that motivated humans. It is primal and organized. The skills are done and advanced with soft and lighter ways.

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