Where are the comics?

This won’t be one of those “coming back on x date” posts, but it also won’t be followed by another episode where I update for a while and then run out of steam, so that’s kind of a relief, right?

I wanted to give a brief update for those of you looking to keep up with the original TIS comics and/or Peached. In short, I’m not able to devote time to comics right now. I’m working much longer, much busier hours at my day job, and when I’m not there I spend very little time in front of a computer. I’m able to keep working on videos, but that’s because they have extended timeframes and I’m not the one doing the editing.

Excuses may be like assholes, but either way there’s still shit to be dealt with.

So where does that leave this poor, mismanaged comic project? Honestly, time brings perspective, and life situations can change. I still believe that comics are the best tool I have to express myself artistically, and I won’t be able to resist the urge to do something exclusively mine forever. There will come a day when I once again have that magical combination of time and inspiration that will rekindle the creative fire. Whether it’s with a retooled version of TIS or something completely different, it will be a stronger work because it won’t be forced or rushed through. And when that time comes, you’ll find the resulting work here.


And for in the mean time, there is Treading Ground to reread, and all the other web comics that have pretty easily caught our attention while waiting to see if peached will ever come back.

Treading Ground was brought to my attention via webcomic.nu and I enjoyed the whole ride. I was excited to see familiar characters in Peached. Your work feels so genuine and down-to-earth. It's very appealing. I hope you find the time and inspiration to continue making comics soon!

There's no way I can say this without sounding like a dick, so here it is. Will your website be hosting any actual content in the near future? With all due respect to your schedule, beer reviews and excuses aren't really worth continued checking for updates. No new sci-fi guy since October and no new peached/idle state since march of 2012. In terms of internet time and short attention spans, that's essentially forever and a half which translates to "We've given up, why are you still coming here?" This isn't an ultimatum; its your site, and you'll do with it as you please. But rather than continue to be dismayed by lack of any updates that aren't beer commercials, if there's no foreseeable content looming in the near future, or a definite return date of regularly scheduled content (TSFG was coming out monthly, sometimes twice monthly for a time!) I'd prefer to add this site to the 'no longer updated' archive. Thanks for the run you had, it was all good!

I do appreciate the up-front warning of impending dickishness. To answer your questions, there never was a set schedule for That SciFi Guy reviews, and probably never will be. The main reviews take a huge amount of time to write, shoot and edit, and we have actual 50-hour-a-week paid jobs that kind of take precedence. There will always be something new every month. If interviews and LIG episodes aren't your cup of tea, you can safely ignore them.

I think I explained pretty well where Peached/Idle State is at in the post you commented on, but yes, there will be more comics. My recommendation to you is to use RSS, keep an eye out and don't bother clicking on something you're not interested in.

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