That SciFi Guy – 2012: Zombie Apocalypse

That SciFi Guy is reviewing a zombie movie?


I'd like to request less internet movie reviewer cross overs. I know you all have a fairly good report and community, but the cross overs are distracting if if intended to be humorous are only so to the participants and not to the viewer. Just a suggestion. Love what you're doing Sci-Fi Guy. Keep it up!

Well, that's really a matter of opinion. While crossovers can be hit and miss (like their Nostalgia Critic crossover for Total Recall, no offense guys), most people eat them up for a reason. If I had to pick some of my favorites reviews ever throughout the internet, a handful of them would be crossovers.

That said, I appreciate you addressing your dislike in a polite manner. Check out the comments on any one Cinema Snob episode where he has a cameo from another reviewer for the opposite end of the spectrum : P

You hit the nail on the head, I think, by saying crossovers can be hit or miss. I felt the sheer number of them in this review became gratuitous and tedious whereas the similar number in Nostalgia Critic's review of Moulin Rouge or Oancitizen's Melancholia review seemed to actually enhance the review quality. Overall, I did enjoy this review, but it was in spite of the crossovers, not because of them, and I don't think that's what Leo was going for.

Personally, and I know these are the hardest crossovers to set up, I most enjoy full-blown two-person or three-person reviews where all parties can be present and contribute for the entirety of the review rather than turn a standard review into a glorified variety show.

agreed, it was just to much. especially the reviewers who dress up and yell, having them just pop in a shatter ear drums tossed the whole thing off. bringing one or two in for a few minutes is fine, trying to shovel so many in is just annoying.

I saw this film (if it is allowed to be called that) some time before I found out you did a review on it. I only picked it up because of Ving Rhames. I figured he wouldn't do something as bad as Day of the Dead again.

After seeing this… seeing Jovovich in Resident Evil 5 didn't shock me.

Well folks, shooting grey people in the face don’t do any good. It is the politicians and warlords that we need to concentrate. Zombies kill people, people kill the mother earth. Well, it’s a vicious circle! Nice video by the way! androgel162

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