Peached on hold

Peached is going on hold for a little while. I apologize for being ridiculously slow, but I need some time to develop the next story arc and get things back up and running, preferably in a twice a week format. Thanks for hanging in there.

Needless to say, That SciFi Guy will continue as usual, and new episodes of the League of Inebriated Gentlemen are on the way. You can check out the brand new TSFG review of Splice right now!

Keep an eye here, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter for news on Peached’s return.


I thought that planning out the story was what you took those months off to do earlier?

You mean to tell me in all that time the extent of plotting you got to was "Chick gets introduced to drugs"?

Long term is not the problem. We've barely scratched the surface of what I have planned for Peached. The actual execution is what takes more time than I have available, and I'd prefer not to screw it up.

Okay, I’m cool with this. If you need to take time off, that’s cool. You’re giving this to us absolutely free of charge.

But, I have to say this: please don’t re-reboot. Unless you have to. I know that you’re not planning to right now, but I don’t think you were planning to back when it was still “The Idle State”.

I have to say, I preferred TIS to what we’ve seen of Peached, BUT I know that you have to introduce characters and all that. So that’s just my 2 cents: think about moving back in that direction. But it you comic, and I’ll probably read it no matter where you take it. Because you’re pretty awesome, and TG was awesome, and what there was of TIS was awesome, and I’m willing to give Peached a while to work up to its awesomeness potential.

No re-reboots. :-) Peached will be picked up from here – I just need to be in a place where I can devote the right amount of time to it. I tried doing once a week but that's simply not enough for me or for the audience.

I really appreciate the support.

Thanks for the reply! Just wanted to let you know that I’m thankful for what you do, and thanks for clarifying the Plan.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with when you come back.

Hey Nick, does this means you are planning on updating more than once a week when you continue? We are here because we support you and like your work. We'll still be here.

Is Peached ever actually returning? I know these things take time, but we haven't been given so much as a slight update on how things are going.

My day job is stressing me pretty severely these days, which hasn't really been conducive to making comics. I can't bring myself to put in those extra hours after work like I used to – I just check out.

It can't go on like this forever (I hope.)

Take your time. Hopefully your day job lightens up soon. If it doesn't, you may want to consider looking for a new job; not for the sake of the comic and your fans, but for you own health. It's not good to have to deal with that much stress day after day.

Where could I find TIS? I think I've missed out on a huge chunk between the end of Treading Ground and the start of Peached :-/

As far as I know, TIS is gone. Continuity-wise, TIS never happened–it was basically the first version of Peached.

It started at the same point as Peached did–with Aya going off to college–except she wasn’t a shut-in.

Same idea, different execution.

hey yeah nick do you need a story kicker to get the webcomic back up i can write one my drawing sucks but my storie lines are awesome also if you need a story per every 3 days i got some work that you might be interested in if you feel like working on a collaboration i can help email me at i look forward to the chance that you will work with me if theres any

I will wait for you. Will not wait. I have impatiently waited for…er…what did I wait for? Nevermind. Wheres number 18? Damn I really miss Aya and her weed smokin friends…Now at sept 2015. Come on! Its so nicely written… :( Nick Wright get up on it and finish it of like a pro on Treading Ground.

-Fan of Treading Ground, The Idle State and The SciFi Guy.

Hey KGT,

Thanks for keeping me and the comic in mind, especially for this long. It means a lot! I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is that I've written over 70 comics for a new (yet extremely familiar) project! The bad news is that I don't have any plans to bring Peached back as it currently stands. Sometimes stories just peter out, and that's sadly what happened here. Not to say it's impossible that I'll pick this back up one day, but I'll be bringing you new comics in 2016 one way or another that won't die prematurely.

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