The League of Inebriated Gentlemen Premieres!

Join Leo, Nick and Allen as they premiere a brand new beer review show!

Intro Video:

Episode 1 – New Belgium Snow Day


Fun times. I don't like beer, and the brewing process isn't that interesting to me, but this was still fun to watch and I feel like I learned a few things that might even be useful someday.

Excellent – it's important to us to keep it entertaining to non-beer fans too.

Maybe it'll help you be like me when it comes to sports, where I can drop a few tidbits every now and then to maintain the facade that I know about sports.

Can't wait to see more of these. I'm one of those people who likes the terrible beers (something about their god awfulness is just… just nice), but I also have an appreciation for an actual quality brew as well. Can't wait for your first review.

Glad you're interested! Our first episode is actually in the post, where we review Snow Day by New Belgium.

(This is one of those situations where a more noticeably different title card might have helped.)

Heh. And here I thought the double image was supposed to be some sort of subtle drinking reference.

Cheers, then.

Looking forward to more of these. As a resident of Fort Collins Colorado I share the sentiment that Fat Tire is one of New Belgium's worst beers. If you decide to give Fort Collins beers another shot, Mercenary from Odell's is worth a taste (it's a double IPA, so a bit high on the alcohol content).

Good to know! We tried the Somersault over the weekend and found it pretty enjoyable.

Not sure we can get any O'dell's brews around here, but we'll keep an eye out.

Can I say a pet hate of mine, people who say England when they mean Britain. My country is called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, there are 6 million people who are from Scotland 2 million from Wales and a further 2-3 million from Northern Ireland, i.e. NOT English.

Could you please correct this in future videos. I would like to see this stamped out in foreign countries, please refrain from saying "In England, blah, blah, blah", it is HIGHLY offensive. It is just as offensive to say America when you mean "Canada".

Thank you.

I really enjoyed this video and I hope you guys will post more in the future.
I did learn a few new things with your first video as far as how to sample beers and get a fuller effect out of the tasting of beer.
Have you guys tried using the Sam Adams glassware and is there any real difference in using a different glass for beer?
Also, I am envious that Nick got a chance to try the Sam Adams Cream Stout, I have been unable to obtain some of the Sam Adams beers here in Northern Nevada.

Being a home brewer, member of a home brew club, and all around beer snob, I hate to say this. But Alan, no matter how many times he says he wants to avoid this, does come across as a douche. Maybe it's his delivery? Dunno. All I know is, we educate new members all the time in the club, and no one delivers beer oriented minutia in the same manner as Alan.

To soften the criticism, one thing I give him kudos for is his "Hey, drink what you like" message. There's nothing more douch-like than someone who tells you that what you like sucks and you shouldn't like it. So bravo!

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