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Site updates forthcoming!

We apologize for the lack of updates around here lately. The responsible party has been sacked. Unfortunately, that little flunkie intern was Nick. With him gone we were going to delegate posting duties to our Junior Web Editor, but he was also Nick. We’re having the Editor in Chief filling in for now. ..Nick. On a serious note, sorry for

Kami-Con 2013!

Kami-Con – Birmingham, AL – February 15rd-17th This weekend, Leo and Nick are coming back to Kami-Con! Friday night we’ll be doing Webcomics and Channel Awesome panels, and Saturday we’ll be talking about That SciFi Guy. Once again we will be joined by Doug Walker (aka Nostalgia Critic)! If you live near the ‘Ham, come check it out!

Peached on hold

Peached is going on hold for a little while. I apologize for being ridiculously slow, but I need some time to develop the next story arc and get things back up and running, preferably in a twice a week format. Thanks for hanging in there. Needless to say, That SciFi Guy will continue as usual, and new episodes of the

Site Update from Nick – New Comics, Site Status, Update Schedule

First off, did you check out the new comic? If not, it’s currently plastered onto the main page, so I’m sure you’ll see it soon! This is one of a new line of one-shot/theme comics about various topics I’ll be posting here. I hope you enjoy them, and encourage you to spread them around if you do. The site is

Leo Thompson and Nick Wright are coming to Kami-Con!

Kami-Con – Tuscaloosa, AL – February 3rd-5th Woot! The Idle State’s first convention appearance! Leo and Nick will be official guests at the convention, meaning you can expect panels! We don’t know the exact details yet, but it’s a sure bet we’ll be talking about both That SciFi Guy and The Idle State, and the Treading Ground fans among you

Welcome to the all new!

Idle is back, and we’re shaking things up! The new is a multimedia website covering the idle world of entertainment, culture and society through comics, videos and commentary. This is the official home for shows like That SciFi Guy and the upcoming beer review series The League Of Inebriated Gentlemen, original comics and blogs. What’s happening to the comics

Some Website Flakiness Ahead, But With Good Reason

I’m in the process of moving Idle over to a new host with bigger and better servers. No longer will the accursed Internal Server Errors be stinking up the place! In the meantime as the transfer happens, there will potentially be some site downtime, RSS feed anomalies, or just general weirdness. This too shall pass. I’ve said it before, and