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Kami-Con 2013!

Kami-Con – Birmingham, AL – February 15rd-17th This weekend, Leo and Nick are coming back to Kami-Con! Friday night we’ll be doing Webcomics and Channel Awesome panels, and Saturday we’ll be talking about That SciFi Guy. Once again we will be joined by Doug Walker (aka Nostalgia Critic)! If you live near the ‘Ham, come check it out!

Where are the comics?

This won’t be one of those “coming back on x date” posts, but it also won’t be followed by another episode where I update for a while and then run out of steam, so that’s kind of a relief, right? I wanted to give a brief update for those of you looking to keep up with the original TIS comics

Nostalgia Critic & That SciFi Guy – Total Recall (1990)

The penultimate episode of Nostalgia Critic was a collab with That SciFi Guy. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out! We would have posted it to this site before now, but we were taken to a Rekall center and given the memory implants of a procrastinator.

Peached on hold

Peached is going on hold for a little while. I apologize for being ridiculously slow, but I need some time to develop the next story arc and get things back up and running, preferably in a twice a week format. Thanks for hanging in there. Needless to say, That SciFi Guy will continue as usual, and new episodes of the